22-26 May, 2024. I Papp László Budapest Sportaréna

The 24 finalists are now known – two apparatus final and two individual final places for Hungary

The 24 finalists are now known, there is no question remaining in terms who will participate in the individual finals. Fanni Pigniczki will step on the floor in two apparatus. Along with Hanna Wiesner she also showed her routines in the all-around individual finals.

Hanna Wiesner: “I’m preparing so much for the 24 finals and I really wait to step on the floor again here at the arena. The atmosphere is very good and it is so uplifting to compete here.”

Fanni Pigniczki who prepares for the Paris Olympics got 32.000 for her ribbon routine, which was enough for 8th place and a ticket to the finals. The ribbon was won by Israeli Daria Atamanov, followed by Spanish Alba Bautista and Bulgarian Stiliana Nikolova.
Fanni Pigniczki: “All in all I felt really good on the floor, I was very confident with the ribbons. With clubs I made mistakes but I would really like to correct them.”
With clubs Pigniczki finished 11th. Hanna Weisner became 23rd and 13th with ribbon. Both of them qualified to the all-around final which will be held on Sunday. Sunday’s finals will contain Slovenian Ekaterina Vedeneeva in hoops in 1st place, Sofia Raffaeli from Italy in second and Stilian Nikolova from Bulgaria in 3rd place. With balls Darja Varfolomeev from Germany in 1st place, Italian Sofia Raffaeli in 2nd and Israeli Daniela Munits in 3rd place.