22-26 May, 2024. I Papp László Budapest Sportaréna

One of the biggest domestic organized international sports events is coming closer!

A press conference along with an open training session was held by the organizing committee of the 40th Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championships. On the event it is also turned out that the domestic organized EC-s preparations turned into the finish line.

In the press conference the two time olympic, world championship medalist Fanni Pigniczki said that she is making good progress with her preparation. “At the World Cup in Tashkent I competed last prior to the EC. Now it is time for the fine-tuning. I hope that we can bring unforgettable memories to the spectators. I had the chance to compete in the previous domestic organized EC in 2017, in Budapest. There was a memorable mood back then. I’m waiting for something similar.” – said Fanni Pigniczki.

At the press conference there were speeches by the co-presidents of the organizing committee, dr. Ádám Schmidt state secretary for sports, Sándor Altorjai general secretary of the Hungarian Gymnastics Federation and György Bencze president of Hungarian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation.

“In the sport governing during this year’s first half our main goal was to bring more of those  sports events to Hungary that plays a role in the Olympic Quota earning to help our sportsmen and women to gather quotas. I believe that those who went to Tatabánya or Debrecen to the olympic qualifiers for our men’s and women’s handball teams, have experienced how big of a support the presence of spectators were for our teams. I hope that in the Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championship there will be a lot of support for the Hungarian team from the stands. With these events besides top sports we also try to help social sports as well. That is why we will be presented on the EC with our “Sporting Nation” program so that with the different sports related activities we could motivate more and more people to take sports as part of their lives” – said the state secretary.

Sándor Altorjai believes that Hungary in the previous years has proved many times to be a great host. “I believe that even this time we can host Europe’s best on a continent competition that will be unforgettable for a long time. The preparations started two years ago and the finishing strokes are starting soon” –added the general secretary of the Hungarian Gymnastics Federation.

György Bencze, president of the Hungarian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation: “We are really excited about the EC, but we are not nervous because everything will be fine. Our competitors are standing in front of big opportunities because they have such a mood at the arena that not so many people experienced before. We are working on making this event an unforgettable one”.

Erika Lazsányi-Deutsch, president of the Hungarian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation technical committee, named the final Hungarian team and also said that the Hungarian team would definitely like to get one more quota for the Olympics. Andrea Kovacs competition director talked about the program of the European Championships where Oceania’s continent championship will be held also.

At the press conference the whole Hungarian team participated: the individual adult competitors: Fanni Pigniczki and Wiesner Hanna, the individual junior competitors: Boglárka Barkóczy and Elena Vukmir along with the members of the group apparatus: Kira Hagymási, Lilla Jurca, Mandula Mészáros, Dalmi Pesti, Dóra Szabados, Mónika Urbán-Szabó and Júlia Farkas. There is a double stake on the continent competition because the ladies are competing for Olympic quota.